Editing: Miscellaneous Items

Pretty much anything written and meant to be read by others can benefit from copyediting or proofreading.
Are you a convention or conference organizer? Surely, you can appreciate the importance of having a polished program guide. Having worked in customer service positions for conventions myself, I can tell you that I always cringed when I found a dreaded misprint in a program guide.
How about a blog or a personal website? Blog posts and other types of articles found on websites can be quite short, which is all the more reason to ensure that you publish your best work. We live in a time when it's typically easy to republish something online after making a quick edit to fix a silly mistake, but producing high-caliber work from the get-go is still a surefire way to establish a solid reputation.
With the continued evolution of e-commerce, product descriptions and directions are small pockets of text that could make or break your sales. My editing services can help you establish your credibility and get people to take you seriously. While there is a fun place for Engrish in the world, it generally isn't in a product description for an item you're actually hoping to sell.
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Note: I also edit academic work, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.