Editing: Academic Work

Are you an undergraduate student looking for an editor for your term paper? Perhaps English is not your native language and your professor has told you that you need to find someone to help you with your grammar and sentence construction. Even in graduate school, many people find that they need an outside party to help brush up their academic writing so that it more effectively expresses their ideas.
When I first started college, I was excited to learn about my school's Writing Center and went out of my way to make use of the valuable resource. However, I was disappointed to find that the Writing Center was not a place where you could go to get help with proofreading a paper. At the time, I remember wondering where I should go to find a suitable editor. If you're currently in this situation, I'd be happy to help you out.
In terms of academic work, I'm usually hired to edit term papers, theses or dissertations, and articles that are being prepared for publication in academic journals. Of course I'm open to editing other types of academic work as well. Please e-mail me at veemooteenon@gmail.com with any specific questions.

Term Papers

If you send me your prompt along with your term paper, then I'll be sure to provide feedback on whether I think you've successfully addressed the prompt. While this won't be an extensive analysis of your paper, it can help you get a sense of whether you're on the right track.
At the end of the day, if you're really worried about the content of your work, I encourage you to set up a meeting with your professor or instructor. It might seem like a scary step to take or you might not feel like making a trip to meet someone in person, but chances are it'll be worth the effort.

Theses or Dissertations

I am well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style's guidelines and also work with MLA and APA regularly. If you're looking to ensure that some simple Harvard referencing has been done correctly, I can definitely make sure that your references all follow a consistent format. Remember, consistency is key to creating a polished piece of writing!

Articles for Publication

As an academic, getting your work published is a big deal. Many scholarly journals use modified versions of CMOS or APA for their publications. If you provide me with a publisher's in-house writing style guide, I'll definitely take the time to read over it and edit your paper so that it follows the guidelines.
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Note: I also edit nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and miscellaneous items.