Work References

Over the last six years, I've edited a lot of different works. The last time I went through and archived my work files, I ended up deleting over four thousand documents that weren't needed anymore. Unfortunately, the nature of the job means that much of the work I do goes uncredited, and often the author of a work I've edited never even learns my identity because I was hired through an editing services provider or an agent.
Putting all that aside though, here are some projects I've had the pleasure of working on recently.

Kibin Inc.

I am an active editor on Kibin, an online editing service provider that believes in helping people become better writers by giving clients plenty of constructive feedback on top of all the suggested edits made to improve the overall quality of a work.

Arabian Stories, founded by Rita Tapia Oregui

Arabian Stories is a website that promotes contemporary Arabic literature. Writers of Arab origin are invited to submit short stories written in Modern Standard Arabic. Those stories chosen for publication are then translated into multiple languages, including English. I helped with editing the English translations of the featured works prior to 2017. Here is a testimonial about my services from Rita, the founder of Arabian Stories:
From my experience working with her within the scope of the Arabian Stories project, I, Rita Tapia Oregui, can confirm that Angela Vimuttinan is an excellent copy editor: talented, thorough, reliable, and highly professional. Basically, she's the person you are looking for to rearrange your sentences and reshape your discourse to match the intended meaning and make perfect sense with spotless grammar.
On a side note, I'm happy to say that Arabian Stories had a successful Kickstarter campaign. While there's plenty of information on the Arabian Stories website itself, the campaign page is also a wonderful resource for anyone looking to find out more about the project.

Learning to Take It by Bobbie Becerra

Learning to Take It is a memoir by Bobbie Becerra about her experiences growing up in an abusive environment. From a very young age, she had to deal with mental, physical, and sexual abuse while doing her best to find her place in the world and shield her brother from the many hardships they faced. This story is one I'm sure many people can relate to, even if they themselves have never been given the opportunity or had the courage to share such personal memories.
Please visit Bobbie's website if you'd like to learn more about her or get in touch.

Dog Seeking Home, Must Have Children by Bryan Doyle

Dog Seeking Home, Must Have Children is one family's story about their beloved dog Sasha. Written from a father's perspective, the book will make you laugh out loud, cry bittersweet tears, and possibly retch in disgust after learning about some of the family's adventures with their one-of-a-kind Rottweiler. Overall the tale is a lighthearted one that highlights the beauty of pet adoption. The book also features numerous family photos tracing Sasha's journey through the years.