27 July 2010

Commentary: A Brief Vacation?

I'm not really going on vacation but I am moving. Moving means that I don't have much time for other activities this week and it also means that I'm currently unsure when I'll have steady access to internet again (oh please let it be relatively soon). Anyway, with that said, there's going to be a brief hiatus; it makes me sad but that's how things go...expect me back sometime next week.

23 July 2010

Drawing: Pooped Out

I spent most of today working on my manuscript so my brain feels pretty fried. I'm ready to go off and do some relaxing so today's doodle isn't much but it expresses how I feel pretty accurately. 0=)

22 July 2010

Drawing: Fishing

Today's doodle looks...strange...it was one of those "make something out of these lines" and I was feeling particularly inspired. I need to get back to working on a paper, and I need to feed my cats--my kitten keeps jumping on the table and getting in my way...meow.

21 July 2010

Drawing: Soaring

Inspired? Uninspired? Who knows? Today, I'm soaring along the air currents on my snazzy kite--that's right.

20 July 2010

Drawing: Under the Leaf

Unfortunately, I'm not feeling nearly as relaxed as this little guy. I've been a busybody--packing my belongings away and taking them over to the new place. The upside to all of this of course is the fact that there is a new place. 0=)

19 July 2010

Drawing: Balloon

I had quite a tiring weekend. Saturday was fun because I got to hang out with friends and family all in the same day--but all the chilling out made for a long day. I spent Sunday moving and while admittedly I wasn't the one who lifted the heaviest stuff, moving still took its toll on me. I have more moving to look forward to in the upcoming weekends. 0=)

15 July 2010

Drawing: Two Doodles

I posted a drawing earlier today since I failed to do so yesterday. This doodle is the one that "counts" for today--yep, that's right.

Drawing: Booted

I make myself sad sometimes. I failed to post a doodle yesterday. The thing is that I did actually do some drawings yesterday and I did scan in my intended picture; I just forgot to actually hop on to the blog to post it. So with all that said, here's yesterday's drawing:

It's another one of those moments when I'm not sure where the picture is going. I think that I'll end up going back to work on most of my little doodles, I just like to have sketches posted up so that I can stick to my one-a-day plan. Anyway, I feel like this drawing is emitting its own storyline so we'll see how things go.

13 July 2010

Drawing: Spaceship

I felt that the inspiration was quite lacking today. I'm hoping that I don't fall into a rut of sorts because that would make it quite difficult to keep up with the one-a-day drawing plan. Why a spaceship? I have no idea. It's what came out. I'll take what I can get. 0=)

12 July 2010

Drawing: Another Doodle--still going even after the weekend

Hmm...couldn't think of a title for this one...

Aside from the usual, there's a worthwhile article in the opinion section of the New York Times from David Brooks--The Medium Is the Medium.

09 July 2010

Drawing: Another Cat!

I've got a rather simple one today. I did a couple of other doodles once I got warmed up but when I was starting out, there wasn't much forthcoming. At the moment, I'm hoping that I won't go overboard with cat sketches; it'll be hard for me since I've got two cats of my own and they strike such interesting poses all the time...

08 July 2010

Drawing: Cat in a Box

That's right. I've successfully uploaded today's doodle. I present, Cat in a Box. 0=)

07 July 2010

Drawing: A New Project?

I've been thinking lately (and by lately I mean for something close to the last month) that I'd really like to make more use of my blog. The problem with this train of thought is that you have to have something worthwhile (at least to yourself) to blog in order to commit to posting something everyday.

What's my big obsession with being a regular blogger? Nothing that pressing. I don't have any grand ideas to share and I don't really expect many people to read my posts. I certainly don't expect that anybody will be following it on a regular basis. My blog is one of those things that I started back in high school and haven't done much with since then. I want the personal satisfaction of committing to it and making something out of it.

I think that anybody who knows me well enough knows that I'm a very organized person. I like having a schedule and doing things in a routine matter. I think it's a healthy practice try to engage in mentally stimulating activities everyday instead of going through short periods of intense training...or something of that sort. So where is this all leading?

All my talk has led to my new project of course! I don't consider myself to be particularly gifted at anything (except for maybe customer service/helping people out). I've thought long and hard about what I would blog about. I know I'm not a spectacular artist but I've decided that since I enjoy doing many artsy things, my new project will be to post a new drawing everyday (okay at least every weekday). I sketch during my free time anyway, so while I may not have any great hubris, I figure I might as well DO something with my doodles. Here's the first one:

Commentary: CBEST Follow-Up

As usual with my blog, I meant to write my CBEST follow-up a long time ago but have managed not to get around to it until now. So how did the test go for me?

It was peachy-keen. The Princeton Review test preparation book covered pretty much everything that showed up on the test even though it was published quite awhile back. I guess its sustained usefulness indicates that the CBEST itself hasn't changed all too much over the years.

I passed the test with flying colors (even managed to get a perfect in one of the sections). For anybody who is thinking about taking the test, I'd advise you just do it. Even if you're worried that you've forgotten some of the material or will struggle through the math, I still think you should get a test preparation book, make sure you actually study, and you should be well on your way to passing the CBEST. 0=)