16 July 2009

Quote: The E-mail that Made My Day

I finally got around to reading an e-mail today that was awesome. One of my former co-workers is doing Teach for America. Here's a snippet from his e-mail update: 

Segue to Drake, when I said, "Thomas Jefferson is the Kanye West of natural rights because he sampled John Locke," I asked, "Who is Kanye West?" 

The class played dumb and kept to themselves but one girl said, "Why don't you play some Drake? I don't like Kanye." Part of me actually died that moment. 

Another student said, "Oh, ain't he an R&B singer?" 

11:14am EST, Jeffrey Skinner died. The cause was my students don't know about Kanye the rapper. My work is not over yet.

I am quite surprised that his 10th grade students don't know who Kanye West is. I do believe that you've got your work cut out for you Jeff but reading your update is awesomely awesome. 0=)