11 January 2012

Arts & Crafts: White Elephant Gift Wrapping 2011

Happy New Year! The holidays have come and gone. I love having time off because then I can spend some quality time on creative activities. I've been involved in a white elephant gift exchange for the last few years; my friends usually have a white elephant party during the month of December.

I like to think of creative ways to wrap my gift for the exchange because I'm of the opinion that unwrapping a gift is part of the fun of receiving one. This year I purchased a titanium spork and three flavors of astronaut ice cream  from ThinkGeek for my gift. Here is the fruit of my wrapping labor:
It's a Christmas tree surrounded by three--rather chubby--animals. The titanium spork is in the tree and one flavor of astronaut ice cream is in each of the creatures. You've got Mr. Reindeer:
 Mr. Polar Bear:
 And Sir Penguin (Why "Sir" instead of "Mr."? Because I said so!):
Googly eyes are always tons of fun to use! I was happy with the outcome. I think Mr. Polar Bear was my favorite probably because he looks so minimalistic. All of them are rather minimal but I think it's the lack of a belly on Mr. Polar Bear that does it for me. 0=)

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