07 April 2011

Story: Mike the Bully, the Kid

A name has been changed for anonymity. 

There's this kid named Mike and he's a bully. He doesn't have a stocky or bulky build--he's more wiry and lean. He's also pretty tall for his age. I only see him three out of the five days of my work week and that's more than enough. Whenever he's around, trouble is sure to follow. He regularly bullies our third grade boys, he punches people, he kicks people, he slaps people, he floods the bathroom sinks, he ruins people's artworks, he destroys books, and he often lies in an attempt to save himself from timeouts.

One of the only ways I can get him to behave is to remind him that if he misbehaves during homework time (when all of the kids must stay inside due to our supervision requirements), then there is no way he's going to be allowed to play outside after snack time. Mike loves to play outside so he takes this matter very seriously. Sometimes in an attempt to "be good" he just falls asleep. We usually don't encourage our kids to take naps but with Mike, we make an exception.

He's a pretty bright kid. He'll pester you to help him out with homework when you're (of course) busy helping out five other students. Unfortunately, when it comes around to his turn, he'll inevitably lose focus or purposefully pretend that he doesn't know how to do simple things like put two fingers up in the air.

Mike is a little terror. He's drawn some highly inappropriate pictures that show he's well versed in human anatomy. All of the aforementioned things make him a challenge to deal with but then there are these moments (few and far between) where you watch him and remember that he's still just a kid. He had a pretty good day yesterday. He spent most of the day showing other kids his new pen; it was furry and had a chibi monkey as a topper. It was quite cute and completely at odds with his persona. Every once in awhile Mike will bring a teddy bear to school and walk around all day with it.

Did I mention that he's a kindergartner?

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