27 April 2011

Story: Eagles?

One name has been changed...can you guess whose it was?

"Angela, do you know what eagles are?" one of my students asked me. It was snack time and we were walking to the bathrooms so that the kids could wash their hands.

"Yeah, I know what an eagle is. Do you know what eagles are, Keith?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I know what eagles are." Keith looked down at the ground as we continued walking. I could tell that he had something on his mind. Very hesitantly he continued, "Are...are eagles...real?"

"Of course they're real. I mean, you won't see one flying around here because they don't live in cities but they do exist. They're not imaginary like dragons or unicorns."

I often wonder about my students' futures but that little exchange really moved me. I wonder how many of my students will graduate high school and go on to college. Sure, I hope that they'll all make it but the realist in me knows that many will trip and fall along the way. How many of my students will actually get to travel and see the world? Which ones will be able to broaden their horizons? What opportunities will be open to them and how many of them will actually take advantage of these chances?

Will Keith ever get to see an eagle in person?

FYI: I'm pretty sure that he was talking about bald eagles.

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