02 April 2011

Arts & Crafts: Cheetah Bulletin Board

It's funny that it's taken me this long to make a post about my Cheetah bulletin board when I actually completed it around the time of my last post. That factoid should go to show you that once the school year starts up, I am one busy little bee. I've realized that the difficult part about having two part-time jobs that you work at on a daily basis isn't really the travel time (although that is an inconvenience), it's the fact that the people at both of your part-time jobs expect you to produce full-time quality work--especially during these trying economic times. It's simply not possible to get all of that work done in three to four hours. I try my best not to take work home, arrive especially early, or stay incredibly late but seriously, quality work takes time. I know that I'm definitely a slow poke in comparison to other people so that probably just makes things even harder for me...meow...

Even with those complaints though, I must admit that this bulletin board was fun to put together. I always enjoy a good art project. It should be noted that Mr. Cheetah plays such a prominent role here because he's the school's mascot. 0=)

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