25 August 2010

Commentary: Bus Issues

Today, one of the buses I catch was late again. It seems like everyday the bus is late (by a different amount of time). I wonder what it is about this particular route that makes it susceptible to such inconsistency. I've taken plenty of other buses in the LA area at this point and the rest of them have been pretty good about being on time (at least within a 5 minute window). Meow...

23 August 2010

Commentary: Back to School (sort of)

I went back to work at one of my schools last Tuesday but today was the first day that the teachers returned. I have to say that chatting with all of the teachers again reminded me of why I like the school. They've got a new principal who hasn't particularly inspired much confidence in me and I'll still probably get laid off rather soon (due to my lack of seniority) but at least for now, the teachers and the kids (who won't be back until September 13th) sure do make it a worthwhile--no, an enjoyable--place to work. 0=)