07 July 2010

Drawing: A New Project?

I've been thinking lately (and by lately I mean for something close to the last month) that I'd really like to make more use of my blog. The problem with this train of thought is that you have to have something worthwhile (at least to yourself) to blog in order to commit to posting something everyday.

What's my big obsession with being a regular blogger? Nothing that pressing. I don't have any grand ideas to share and I don't really expect many people to read my posts. I certainly don't expect that anybody will be following it on a regular basis. My blog is one of those things that I started back in high school and haven't done much with since then. I want the personal satisfaction of committing to it and making something out of it.

I think that anybody who knows me well enough knows that I'm a very organized person. I like having a schedule and doing things in a routine matter. I think it's a healthy practice try to engage in mentally stimulating activities everyday instead of going through short periods of intense training...or something of that sort. So where is this all leading?

All my talk has led to my new project of course! I don't consider myself to be particularly gifted at anything (except for maybe customer service/helping people out). I've thought long and hard about what I would blog about. I know I'm not a spectacular artist but I've decided that since I enjoy doing many artsy things, my new project will be to post a new drawing everyday (okay at least every weekday). I sketch during my free time anyway, so while I may not have any great hubris, I figure I might as well DO something with my doodles. Here's the first one:

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