07 July 2010

Commentary: CBEST Follow-Up

As usual with my blog, I meant to write my CBEST follow-up a long time ago but have managed not to get around to it until now. So how did the test go for me?

It was peachy-keen. The Princeton Review test preparation book covered pretty much everything that showed up on the test even though it was published quite awhile back. I guess its sustained usefulness indicates that the CBEST itself hasn't changed all too much over the years.

I passed the test with flying colors (even managed to get a perfect in one of the sections). For anybody who is thinking about taking the test, I'd advise you just do it. Even if you're worried that you've forgotten some of the material or will struggle through the math, I still think you should get a test preparation book, make sure you actually study, and you should be well on your way to passing the CBEST. 0=)

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