31 March 2010

Commentary: CBEST

I moved one step closer to figuring out what exactly it is I'd like to do in graduate school and career-wise. My heart is still set on working within the education sector but I've been having a hard time deciding whether or not I actually want to be a classroom teacher. A lot of my experience over these last five years has been in one-on-one or outside of the classroom tutoring and I've really enjoyed myself.

After looking at different graduate school programs, I think I might want to be a school counselor instead. The good news for me was that regardless of what career path I intended to take, I needed to take the CBEST. I like taking things one step at a time and it's even better when you actually know what the next step should be.

With that said, I signed up for the CBEST and took it on Monday (March 29th). I actually started studying for the test a month ago using the Princeton Review Prep book. It took me awhile to decide on which test preparation book I wanted to buy but as the extensive reviews for the Princeton Review version claim, the 2nd edition may be quite old (from 2002--geez) but everything in there is still incredibly relevant and accurate. I would say that when I took the test, there was one math concept that the book didn't actually cover but it wasn't anything too hard and really, the rest of the book was awesome. The two practice tests provided accurately reflect the level of difficulty you'll face on the actual CBEST.

In addition to studying from the book, I also downloaded and took the practice test that you can get through the main CBEST website. The practice from the book and the website worked together really well. There were even some questions from the practice test on the actual CBEST.

Yes, I was quite pleased overall. I haven't received my official test scores yet (basically waiting to hear back on the writing portion) but I passed with flying colors according to my unofficial scores in math and reading. Now I just need to figure out what my next step should be. 0=)

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