26 December 2008

Commentary: Insomnia

At this point, winter break can said to be in full swing. I'm trying not to count down the time until school starts up again partially because it's just too depressing to think about how short break really is and in part because it's quite pathetic to want to be back in school so badly.

I fully enjoy being on break but with a vacation comes insomnia and this feeling of restlessness. I need to be doing more with my day dammit. I like to clean during my breaks because it makes me feel like I've done something worthwhile. Heck at this point I'm up for doing home-fixing projects and whatever else people feel like throwing at me. The fact that I live in an apartment means that cleaning doesn't actually take that much time and there isn't much to fix all in all.

I'm completely jealous of my cats. They can take naps, eat, and take poos all day long and be perfectly content. I'd like to be content with that type of existence. Give me a warm spot and let me bask in the sun during this cold weather. Stupid cold. I definitely don't deal well with it. Sure the cold is fun to a certain extent because it allows you to wear sweaters and gloves and boots and scarves but I'm not convinced that it's a fair tradeoff. At the end of the day it's cold and I don't do cold--well, at least I don't do cold well.

I'm one of the least graceful people I know though so maybe not doing cold well doesn't matter. What probably matters more is the fact that my hands and feet get cold when it's cold (I'm real "smrt," huh?) and then it's a lost cause warming them back up. Stupid cold. Alright I think that's enough for today or maybe it isn't. If it's not I'll come back sometime later tonight to make another post. If it is enough, I'll spend the rest of my night reading "MegaTokyo" or playing on Neopets. If I'm lucky I'll be able to get to sleep at a decent hour tonight.


Tanjint said...

I like this entry. Your voice shines through. I'm in class right now...tty soon...

Onigiri23 said...

Huh, does it now? Reading over it again, I think the frankness of my comments scares me. It scares me to think that I'm just putting myself and my thoughts out there on the line for anyone to see and read.

Anyway, very bad to you for checking out my blog during class! Don't you have better things to do? 0=)