12 May 2007

Commentary: America's Next Top Model

Oh man, another "America's Next Top Model" marathon is going on and I'm trying not to watch it but I'm getting sucked into it...so there you go, my first activity since vacation has really started is to sit on my butt and watch TV...

09 April 2007

Commentary: Looking Around

So, I've been looking around at the different ways I can customize my blog by creating my own layout or modifying pre-made ones and man am I excited! Unfortunately, this little project of mine will probably have to wait until I'm done with school for the semester. Alas! Until then it's time to go and get the laundry!

08 April 2007

Commentary: Hey Look!!! It's a new post!!!

Okay, so I fully acknowledge the fact that it's about time for me to get back into the blogging business and start creating new posts but of course, I've been busy. I really want to revamp this blog--I've been dreaming up all sorts of new designs and etc but it'll all have to wait until I'm done with this semester. It'll also have to wait until I'm no longer sick. Yep...you sure heard that one right, I got sick and am still sick and am sick and tired of being sick. Ick...being sick is gross and tiring. Alrighty, well hopefully I'll be blogging more regularly but we'll have to see how it goes...0=)