14 May 2006

Commentary: Angie's Summer Place

Ahh... so here I am! I'm finally settled at my place for the summer. For those of you who don't know, I'm in Riverside--right across the street from UCR. Anyway, just as I had posted pic's of my place at Parkside, here are pics of this place!
 So I want to start off by saying sorry for the crappy quality of some of the photos...I did what I could. Anyway, here is the lovely view you would get after initially walking in! I know that it looks relatively simple (and it is) but believe me when I say that the darn TV stand took me forever to put together (I didn't have a hammer and had to improvise...). 

Here is the rest of the living room... and can you see the awesome calendar that Teepu got for me? Hehehe... I love that picture from Furuba!!!
 And here is where I am when I decide to sit and surf the net and do other stuff on the comp for hours on end...
  Yay!!! Here is the dining area with decorations and furniture taken from my sister... hehehe...well, except for the Furuba poster--the awesomely awesome Adam got that for me!!!
 The kitchen! And as you can see, the Magnetic Poetry and my kids' works have followed me on the move...
 My many little plushies also followed me on the move and of course, good ol' Mr. Bear gets the spot of honor... and did you notice the new addition? Yessireebob, there's a little froggy prince now too! Hehe, he eats my cell phone at night but that's alrighty because at least I always know where I can find it in the morning!
 Ah, yay, my bathroom! It's bigger than the last one I had so that's nice and it does look a bit more colorful, no?
 And of course you have to see my shower curtain! Hehe, suns, moons, and stars! Does it get any better than this? Okay, I have to be truthful, I did already have my first spider sighting...but it was a small one (it was while I was in the kitchen) and I haven't seen anymore (and I hope that I don't see anymore!!!) so I hope that you like the place or at least approve of it as a place that is suitable for Angie!


Taylor said...

Awesome. I hope you enjoy it. I especially like the cat on the white board (I assume that's what it is). I assume your sharing the place with Frank? Anyway, looks cool.

By the way, with what exactly did you use in place of a hammer?

Onigiri23 said...

I'd glad you like the place and yes I'm sharing it with Frank although he won't be officially moving in until he's out of school since he's got a place on campus.

Lol. In place of a hammer I used a variety of things, including a shoe, my hand, a screwdriver...

cathy said...

I find that on occassion peanut butter jars especially of the skippy plastic variety work miracles. =) Your place looks deliciously cozy and might I add you have wonderful taste in pillows! Looks like you're all set for the summer. I hope you're making some time for my visit! ahh and look at all that carpet. I have tatami. very old old old tatami. if it were new I would boast it over carpet, but alas. also email me your addie!