11 February 2006

Commentary: The Fact of Evolution

Hmm. The last thing I want to sound like is a narrow minded person who doesn't respect other people's right to have beliefs different than mine. Obviously people should be allowed to believe what they want to but many of their beliefs are not appropriate in a public education environment. Period. If you want to send you kids to a private school where they'll be taught Creationism and enter higher education a step behind everyone else that's fine by me. I've met a good number of students here at USC who have bewildered looks on their faces as they sit through history classes because they're being taught so many things that are completely foreign to them. Anyway, teaching Creationism to kids in private schools is a right that people have but like I said, the right to teach Creationism in public schools does not exist and should not exist. Science is taught in public schools and I hate to burst anyone's bubble but Creationism is not science. It cannot be proven and its fall back line is always, "The Bible says so." And those who believe that everything in The Bible should be taken literally can believe so but they really can't bring religion into school. Evolutionary biology is a field in science, it is legitimate. Within it's realms, the Fact of Evolution continues to be proven and researched.


Eliot said...
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Eliot said...

Nice, I could not have put it in better words myself. :-)

Taylor said...

Hmmm...I like what you wrote, but I have a little problem with the "Fact" part. When applied to the philosophy known as science, there is no such thing as "fact," strictly speaking. Instead, science has theory, which always is open to be disproven. Many of the things which we have known as "fact" throughout history have turned out to be wrong. Let's review:

Geocentric Universe - An excellent theory for the time. Those who came up with is weren't stupid; they realized a heliocentric universe would better explain the planets, but they could detect no stellar parallax. They just went with the best observation of the time.

Classical Physics - Superb theories that explains our everyday universe extremely well. In fact, it explains it so well that it was the math used to send men to the moon. However, it appears to be ultimately wrong (at least when applied to the universe as a whole).

Quantum Theory - Our current quantum theory has provided THE most accurate mathematical prediction for experiment to date. However, it also predicted another particle. When physcists looked for the particle, they found it, but it wasn't the mass quantum theory predicted.

Those are just a few. I'm not saying that evolution by natural selection is wrong. The theory is a superb theory, one of the best mankind has yet to come up with and should be glorified as such. I just don't think it's prudent to jump the gun and call it a fact. Like all theories, evolution is still prone to change by new evidence and observations.

Onigiri23 said...

I completely understand what you're saying Taylor. I think it's only fair that I mention the fact that I was angry when I posted that commentary so I was probably being rash. Also, I know I titled it "the Fact of Evolution" but I was using that title because it was catchy. I didn't mean it to be so technical. My main point in writing that was to put forth my argument that Creationism is not science and to express how I regret that it seems the only way Creationist will accept the theory of Evolution is if it was deemed a "fact" even though as you have said, plenty of other things they might believe in are not called "facts" but are also referred to as "theories."

Taylor said...

Alright, just as long as that's clear ;)

Onigiri23 said...

Oh yeah... it's clear! 0=)