06 November 2005

College Life, Episode 5

Oh glorious construction crew and tractor, where would I be were it not for your constant noise and ground shaking techniques?

So, the third phase of Parkside has started. For those of you who do not know, I live in Parkside Apartments. These apartments were the first to be built. When my sister was going to 'SC, they started the second phase, it was a building of suites and an international cafeteria, very nice (you can see a tiny part of the suites building in the picture, it is directly behind the tractor). Now as I have said, the third phase has begun, which when completed will introduce another building of suites to the Parkside community.

The above picture is a demonstration of what I see while sitting at my desk and glancing out of my window on the third floor. I am not complaining about the noise or anything because all people moving in were forewarned about the plans for construction when we applied for housing here. I actually love my little apartment, but it is quite interesting.

See the thing the tractor is lifting in the picture? Do you know what that is? It is a large chunk of sidewalk. Guess what he's going to do with that? Oh yes, he is going to back up and drop it. Then pick it up, drop it, over and over and over again, until the slab of sidewalk breaks into many smaller, manageable pieces. Every time he drops that slab of concrete, my entire building shakes. It is like being in a mini earthquake every couple of seconds. Lovely. And that is why this little adventure has made it into my "College Life" series.


erica said...

Kinda like the guys who decide to mow the lawn at 8 am on a saturday. what the hell.

Eliot said...

Wow...you know, I would just for that to happen. Although, I do like mini-earthquakes. But while doing work, I guess it would suck. Sorry to hear about this past "College experience"...a lil late i know...but I'm trying to keep up with everything...