30 September 2005

Recollection: Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art

Ah...my, my, my, isn't that a mouthful? Yes, it certainly is, that's why this museum is affectionately known as LACMA by those who actually know of it. So I went to LACMA to look at some artworks that I had to write a paper on for my "Foundations of Western Art" class but since we (Frankie and I) were already there, we figured why not go around and see all the other good stuff since we could? And of course, we ended up taking pictures of the La Brea Tar Pits (located right next to LACMA) instead of the stuff at LACMA, go fig right? Hehehe, I hope you enjoy them!
You know, when The Power Rangers were the thing, I really liked Trini because I thought that her saber-tooth tiger was awesome... and because she was Asian... although I think the second part was much more of a subconscious thing...

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Pecan said...

Trini is cool baby