30 September 2005

Recollection: LACMA - Netsuke

Hehehe, so here is some stuff that Frank took pictures of while we were at LACMA - I say Frank because I mean that Frank seriously took the pictures. I tried to take some but I guess I have a really unsteady hand or at least I was shaky that day because whenever I took a picture it came out all shaky...*sigh* Anyway, this little lady is a netsuke; she's a Japanese miniature. I am such a big fan of miniatures but I mean, what do you do with them? They just end up cluttering things... I should know, I have tons of them sitting here and there and then there are still more just patiently waiting in my desk drawer, waiting to be put somewhere! *sigh* Heh, but back to this little lady, she was just so cute! I had to get a picture of her so Frank was kind enough to take a picture of her for me. It's weird when you go to look at these netsuke because they're miniatures so they're so small but then obviously, they have to be encased too for their own protection so you end up walking into this room that has rows and rows of these little miniatures lined up and you just walk up and down the rows crouched over to look at the little figures. *smile* Oh, and the netsuke of the kitty is absolutely, positively one of my favorites! I can't believe how cute that little kitty is...hehehe


frank said...

its a nice kitty, but a little fat. but it is good much love baby

frank said...

i like the fact that there are many differant sizes of cats and this one is huge, love