09 September 2005

Commentary: Self-Introduction

Hello! Okay, so maybe this would've been a more appropriate picture for my profile but you know what - it's too big so oh well. Okay, so anyways, hello world, this is me! I haven't been working on my blog all too much but that is going to change, yes sir-ee-bob, seeing as to how I have time now, that is going to change!


"Zelos" said...

Awesomeness if this works that means I have figured out my username again woohoo!

Taylor said...

Well done Zelos. Anyway, I just got your e-mail LunaGirl. Somehow it ended up in the junk e-mail folder...Well, just popping in to say hi and to tell you to check out my blog at www.SithSpawn.blogspot.com. There is lots of cool and interesting stuff on it! Ok, so right now it's empty, but I will post something on it someday...maybe...And do you realize there is another blogger that likes the name "LunaGirl"? I accidentally went to Lunagirl.blogspot.com and was suprised when the blog of a girl from Western Australia popped up. Anyway, have a nice day.

Onigiri23 said...

Wow, seriously? Well, okay, let's get real... I knew there were a lot of people who were fond of that name but still that's really interesting to here... hmm... I think I'll go and check it out! *smile*