10 September 2005

College Life, Episode 1

So last night, my roommate and I decided to treat ourselves to an awesome meal, I mean, it was Friday night so we figured, why not? Hehehe, with her cooking and me just helping out with little things, we managed a masterpiece... and the result was what you see to your right! Okay, so I know that it's not that impressive but it feels good when you can get a nice, filling meal, seriously believe me, it does! Oh and obviously, that was just my plate, my roommate had her own thing going on and we also baked a whole loaf of garlic bread... mmm... it was delicious... hehehe. As good as eating well feels though, there are some things that I miss eating. Yes, I do miss eating at fast food places. Living at 'SC and not having any means of transportation (other than the obvious walking) means that I don't get out and about much so I haven't eaten as much fast food as before (which I know is better for my health but still, what wouldn't I give for some good ol' fashioned hamburgers from In-n-Out!

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