06 November 2004

Commentary: Furuba!!!

Okay, so this blog won't be exclusively about Furuba but seriously isn't Furuba awesome? I was so excited when the new manga came out and I can't wait until Momiji is released in December! In the meantime, I'll be rereading the first five manga and marveling at the artwork. Hehehe. Hmm, I'll think of something better to say eventually but this is about all I've got right now. Hey! Are there any big fantasy novel readers out there? I really like reading fantasy/science fiction novels but am just starting to read them again. I've just about finished the Pern series and am starting the Shannara series. Does anyone have any other good suggestions of books that I should read?

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"Zelos" said...

First of all InuYasha is waaaaaaaaaay better. You of course know I read that junk and like I have said before I strongly recommend the Dune series. All I can think of right now but that is sure to last you a veeery long time. Oh ya and if you really liked...I mean REALLY liked the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit then I suggest the Silmarillion (is that how it is spelled?) and some of Tolkien's other books (like Book of Lost Tales I and II). Good luck in finding your next interest in books. End of log.